Bridge Resources

Laws and Rulings
Laws of Duplicate Bridge An HTML version of the Laws.
Common Rulings A guide to handling common rulings at the table.
Web Movements
Web Movements Simplified by Don Smolen A practical guide to webs. Includes diagrams of most common movements. (PDF)
Web Movements by Tim Hill The definitive guide to webs. Everything you might want to know is there, but be prepared for some work. (PDF)
Stratifier Program Stratifying a multi-section event isn't easy in ACBLScore. This Windows application simplifies the process. Try it and let me know if you have any questions or problems. dsmolen at comcast dot net
BridgeView Program Display game results on a screen. Can show final results from the gamefile and interim results in real time from the Brigdgemate server.
Odds and Ends
Matchpointing Across Sections Matchpointing across sections makes a fairer contest, but are there negative side-effects? Spoiler: the answer is 'no'. (PDF)
Using RobotsHow to set up robots for a half table.
Bridgemate Troubleshooting What to do if the server disconnects during the game & BMR doesn't fix the problem.
NameView Issue NameView is a program that transfers player names and numbers from ACBLScore to Bridgemate. Here's what to do if the Bridgemate control program becomes unresponsive.
Hand Records with Sorted Suits If you want to produce hands sorted into suits using a dealing machine, you can use this file as the first pass. Download the zip file and extract the pbn file.