Setting Up Robots for a Half Table

You can find more details here.

Do not activate Bridgemates until step 2 has been completed.

  1. in ACBLScore, enter names for the phantom pair (names must begin with BBO e.g. BBOSAINT, BBOCATHERINE). Mark them NE (F9 / 4)
  2. in ACBLScore, do a backup (ctrl-B), save to DROPBOX/SITOUTS
  3. activate Bridgemates
  4. login the tablets to BBO (SCDBCEAST and SCDBCWEST; all passwords are SCDBC)
  5. login to BBO (as SCDBC)
  6. MyBBO / Hands and Results / Create New Folder then Import LIN File from DROPBOX/SITOUTS
  7. show the folder and confirm that the boards are correct
  8. on Home page, click Practice then Start a Teaching Table. Enter SCDBCEAST and SCDBCWEST for east and west, then start table
  9. put robots at north and south
  10. click Deal Source, Use Saved Deals and select the folder created above

If E/W choose not to play the robots, enter Not Played on the Bridgemate and mark the board N in ACBLScore.